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2/14/2020 12:02:59 AM

Planning now to deal with financial and property issues will save effort and money at a difficult time later. But there’s no one-size-fits all estate plan.

2/14/2020 12:02:39 AM

Many millennials are entering homeownership later in life, leaving both generations looking to buy in a market largely devoid of entry-level options, analysts say.

2/13/2020 11:02:21 PM

A strong labor market and heightened demand for homes this spring is expected at a time when the for-sale inventory is the lowest level in over a decade.

2/13/2020 1:02:27 AM

The freedom of independent work has one downside: An employer isn’t helping you save for retirement. It’s never too late/too early to create a personal retirement plan.

2/13/2020 1:02:44 AM

A pixel is 0.0104-inches, and if cyber-crooks embed one in an email, they know if you read it, how often, the device you used, your operating system and IP address.

2/13/2020 1:02:26 AM

Most timeshare firms today have no-fee exit programs, but Timeshare Exit Team offered to do the same thing for an upfront charge as high as $5,000.

2/13/2020 1:02:03 AM

State and local government sign laws apply, but signs could also be restricted by an HOA, providing the rules are written down and applied across the board.

2/13/2020 1:02:26 AM

Today’s sub-4% mortgage rates improve buyers’ purchasing power now, but at some point they’ll rise, leading to higher borrowing costs, says NAR’s chief economist. What will happen to sales when that occurs?

2/13/2020 1:02:33 AM

The move from 3.45% to 3.47% comes after three straight weeks of declines, and the 30-year mortgage rate remains close to historically low levels.

2/12/2020 1:02:17 AM

“Oh good, we’re approved,” should be, “I wonder if we can get a lower rate?” By shopping around, the average borrower can save $44.5K over the life of a loan.

2/12/2020 1:02:54 AM

Many homeowners get a spark in their eye and a fire in their gut watching home-improvement television, but not every upgrade pays off when it comes time to sell.

2/12/2020 1:02:25 AM

The national median existing single-family home price in the fourth quarter of 2019 was $274,900 – a 6.6% increase compared to the fourth quarter of 2018 ($258,000).

2/12/2020 1:02:01 AM

More than 1,800 Florida homeowners who bought homes made unlivable by drywall manufactured in China will be sharing in a $248 million settlement.

2/12/2020 12:02:14 AM

Fla. Realtors data: Single-family sales up 5.9%, median price up 3.7% year-over-year while condo median price up 3.8% over 2018’s end. Condo sales eased slightly, down 0.8%, compared to a year ago. A growing economy and strong jobs outlook bode well for 2020.